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NewsVoy is here to help.

These topics describe how to create custom automated news pages with NewsVoy. Send us a message if you need assistance.

Add Plugins

Some plugins are included in NewsVoy.

Many others are easily added via RapidAPI, some are independently available.

To connect a RapidAPI account:
  1. RapidAPI: Add New App > Security > Application Key > copy
  2. NewsVoy: Plugins > Edit > paste key
To add RapidAPI plugins:
  1. RapidAPI: subscribe to APIs
  2. NewsVoy: Plugins > Edit > mark API checkboxes
To add other plugins:
  1. API provider: signup and get an API key
  2. NewsVoy: Plugins > Edit > paste key
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Find Content

Add Criteria describing your query:
  • Multiple search terms are allowed (comma-separated)
  • Limit number of items to return per search term
  • Choose Search Engine, Content Extractor & Sentiment Analyzer plugins
  • Tip: For best Sentiment results, use with an Extractor
Click Search to find news using all active Criteria
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Connect a WordPress Site

  • NewsVoy paid subscription
  • WordPress site admin access
  1. WordPress: User Profile > Application Passwords > Add > copy
    Note: versions before 5.6 will need this plugin
  2. NewsVoy: Edit Settings > paste password
  3. Enter URL and choose Platform > WordPress
  4. User: leave blank if same as NewsVoy login
Optional Settings:
  • Options: Attach Images, Post Drafts, Allow Comments/Pings
  • Category IDs: for separating content (comma-separated integers)
  • Blog Tag IDs: for labeling content (comma-separated integers)
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Connect a NationBuilder Site

  • NewsVoy paid subscription
  • NationBuilder site admin access
Edit Settings:
  • Enter URL and choose Platform > NationBuilder
  • Options: Attach Images, Post Drafts
  • Blog: part of URL as <slug>/<blog>/
  • Blog ID: if you have more than one blog (default is 1)
  • Blog Tags: for labeling content (comma-separated words)
  • Slug (User): leave blank if same as NewsVoy login
Edit Accounts:
  • Click NationBuilder
  • Log in to your NationBuilder account to authorize NewsVoy
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Post Content

Verify site connection in Settings > Test Post
To post a single news item:
  • In an item's row, click Post to see a post preview
  • Click Post to upload the item to your site
To batch-post news items:
  • Check the box next to each item
  • Select Actions > Post and click Apply to post all checked items
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Schedule Tasks

Tasks can be scheduled to find and post news.
  • Schedule only Find News to curate news items before posting
  • Schedule Post News to post all found items
  • Mark Keep Logs to record when a task runs
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Share to Social Media

NewsBuilt provides custom text for sharing to social media.
  • In an item's row, click Share to see a share preview
  • Choose social network and share, i.e. click Tweet
  • Text uses item Description, or Share Text if added by user
  • Selected Handles and/or Hashtags are added in random order
To add hashtags:
  • Settings > Hashtags > tags as they appear (space-separated)
To tag organization partners:
  • Add organization to Handles with associated keywords
  • For each news item, the most relevant organizations are tagged
  • Default in Settings > Max. Handles
To shorten URLs:
  • Check Shorten URLs in Share Settings
  • URLs are shortened with TinyURL by default
  • To use Bitly instead, add in Accounts
Share Link: Settings > either News Item or Site Post
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Relay Content

To repost all incoming content from another user:
  • Go to Relays
  • In the user's row, click Relay this user
To allow others to repost your content:
  • Go to Relays
  • Click Transmit
To disable, click Stop Transmitting. Any relayers you had will no longer be reposting your content.
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Plot Charts

Visualize the following data:
  • News Frequency
  • Post Frequency
  • Posted Items (pie chart)
  • Sentiment & weekly average
  • Matched keywords
Add Events to appear in the chart
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The dashboard shows a summary of your data, connections and services.
  • Plugin Usage: API rate limits, calls made and last call
  • Data Overview: user data, including range of keyword and sentiment scores
  • User Options: status of Accounts, Relays, Settings & Subscription
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