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NewsVoy has you covered.

Click a topic for a guide to each feature.

Add Plugins

Some plugins are included in NewsVoy.

Many others are easily added via RapidAPI, some are independently available.

To connect a RapidAPI account:
  1. RapidAPI: Add New App > Security > Application Key > copy
  2. NewsVoy: Plugins > Keys > paste key
Add RapidAPI plugins:
  1. RapidAPI: subscribe to APIs
  2. NewsVoy: Plugins > Keys > mark API checkboxes
Add other plugins:
  1. API provider: signup and get an API key
  2. NewsVoy: Plugins > Keys > paste key
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Find Content

Add Criteria describing your query:
  • Multiple search terms are allowed (comma-separated)
  • Select Search Engine/s
  • Select Content Extractor/s and Sentiment Analyzer (optional)
    Note: Sentiment works best when used with an Extractor
  • Restrict number of items or date range (optional)

Click Find News to search using the current criteria.

News searches have multiple components. Depending on your chosen engines and extractors, it may take a minute. If you navigate to another page, your search continues to run in the background. After you decide appropriate criteria, scheduling your search is recommended. See Schedule Tasks.

Sentiment range:
← negative ←  « 0 »   → positive →
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Connect a WordPress Site

  • NewsVoy Pro Plan
  • WordPress admin access
  • an HTTPS enabled site
  • Older WordPress ONLY: below v5.6 requires a plugin
From WordPress:
  1. Go to Settings > Permalinks > set to "Post name" > Save
  2. Go to Users > Profile > scroll down to Application Passwords
    Enter a name like 'news', click "Add New" and copy the password.
    You're shown the password once. If it's lost, revoke and make another.
In NewsVoy, go to Site Settings:
  1. Choose Platform > WordPress
  2. Enter WordPress Site URL
  3. Enter User if different from your NewsVoy login
  4. Paste the password you just copied
  5. Click Save
  6. Click Test Site to verify the connection
Optional Site Settings:
  • Allow Comments/Pings: check to allow for all posts
  • Attach Images: check to upload & set as post's main image
  • Post Drafts: check to review posts on WP before publishing
  • Categories: to separate content (click to Fetch choices from WP)
  • Blog Tags: to label content (click to Fetch choices from WP)
  • Add tags matching media, region or topic:
    if item data matches a WordPress tag; Uses slug format:
    "Texas politics" → "texas-politics"
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Connect a NationBuilder Site

  • NewsVoy Pro Plan
  • NationBuilder site admin access
Go to Site Settings:
  • Choose Platform > NationBuilder
  • Attach Images: check to upload & set as post's main image
  • Post Drafts: check to review posts on NB before publishing
  • Enter Blog part of URL as <slug>/<blog>/
  • Enter Blog ID if you have more than one blog (default is 1)
  • Enter Blog Tags to label content (comma-separated words)
  • Enter User (slug) if different from your NewsVoy login
Go to User Networks:
  • Click NationBuilder
  • Log in to your NationBuilder account to authorize NewsVoy
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Post Content

To create a sample post for testing:
  • Go to Site Settings and click Test Post
  • A sample article is added to your news items.
To post a single news item:
  • Choose an item and click Post for a post preview
  • Click Post to upload the item to your site
Batch-post news items (list view only):
  • Check the box next to each item
  • Select Actions > Post and click Apply to post all checked items
If other users are relaying your content, items also post to those sites.
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Schedule Tasks

Tasks can be scheduled to find and post news.
  • Schedule just Find News task/s to curate news items before posting
  • Schedule Post News task/s to regularly post recently found items
  • Mark Keep Logs of each task to write the results to a log
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Share to Social Media

NewsVoy can share custom text directly to social media.
  • Click Share under an item's title to see a preview
  • Text comes from an item's Description, or user-added Share Text
  • Edit share text as needed, changes are saved to the news item
  • Character count is shown underneath, including Twitter limit warning
  • Choose Handles and Hashtags; hit Refresh to see changes
  • To enable the Tweet & share buttons, add in User Networks
  • NationBuilder users: click Broadcaster to open
Add hashtags:
  • Share Settings > Hashtags > tags as they appear (space-separated)
Add organization partners:
  • Add organization to Settings > Handles with associated keywords
  • For each news item, the most relevant organizations are tagged
Shorten link URLs:
  • Check Share Settings > Shorten URLs
  • URLs are shortened with TinyURL by default
  • To use Bitly instead, add in User Networks
Choose the destination link in Share Settings > Shares include link to:
  • Original Item: the found item's URL
  • Site Post: the item's URL on your site (if item was posted)
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Relay Content

To repost incoming content from another user, in Tools > Relays:
  • Choose a Relay
  • For a Public Relay: click Relay this user
  • For a Private Relay: click Send Request and wait for author approval
You can Stop Relay or Cancel request at any time.

To allow others to repost your content, in Tools > Relays:
  • Click Relay Options
  • Click Make Private to approve each user before relaying your content.
  • Click Make Public to allow any user to start relaying your content.
Approve, deny or disable individual users having access to your content.
Change privacy or stop relaying your content entirely in Relay Options.
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Plot Charts

Click Tools > Charts and choose Data:
  • Items/week: average weekly news count
  • Matches/week: average weekly keyword scores
  • Posted Items: % of total (pie chart)
  • Posts/week: average weekly post count
  • Sentiment/week: average weekly sentiment
Specify start/end date, or date range.
Select Show Markers to include markers within the dates of the chart.
Change Weighted Keywords to recalculate keyword matches.
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The following terms appear throughout NewsVoy:

API (Application Programming Interface): method for web applications to communicate

Blocked Domains: items from these domains will be omitted from search results

Content Extractor: plugins that extracts full content of an item by URL; some get HTML content; a backup extractor may be added in case the primary extractor finds no data

Content Template: Customize site posts using valid HTML with six {} fields:
Author/Source, Opening, Quote, Body, URL, Link Text

Engine: a plugin search API that finds one type of media

Export: output news items to CSV data for use in other programs

Handles: user-added social media handles and related keywords; when sharing, handles with keywords that match the item are included

Last call: the most recent API call made by a plugin

Media: the type of item found, either article, podcast, video or research (paper)

Network: a linked account for services or a social media network

Platform: site-hosting platform; WordPress and NationBuilder are supported

Plugin: third-party API that serves a function, primarily search, extract or analyze

RapidAPI: marketplace providing many of the plugins found in NewsVoy

Relay: method for content to instantly repost to multiple users' sites; private relays need two-way approval, public relays do not

Sentiment: a score ranging from -1 (negative emotion) to 1 (positive emotion)

Shared plugin: a service shared among NewsVoy users; No key is required. Add a key if rate-limiting is a concern.

Shortener: a plugin that shortens URLs for sharing

Weighted Keywords: comma-separated list of keywords and optional weights, such as:
peas, corn*3, beans*5

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