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Just add criteria—and NewsVoy scans millions of articles, papers, podcasts, and videos for relevant news—and posts directly to all sites in your network.

News aggregator, manager, envoy

NewsVoy works as a Content Management System (CMS) for news. Curate content, schedule tasks, and share to social media.

Media and data analyst

Take a deep dive into your issue. Visualize news data by region, frequency, sentiment, media bias, reliability, and more.

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Site network

NewsVoy can serve the news needs of a network of related sites, while providing each their own custom settings.

Common connections

NewsVoy can post to sites running WordPress, Wix or NationBuilder, and share to social networks LinkedIn or Twitter.

Plugin power

Reach further with additional search engines, content extractors, URL shorteners, and sentiment analyzers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why get the paid version?

Paid users can post unlimited content to their sites. See subscription details.

What plugins are available?

Plugins include Google Alert, YouTube, and more. See a list of available plugins.

What is comparable?

News plugins and content management systems share common features. See a comparison.

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