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NewsVoy makes it easy to curate, post, and share the news that matters to you. Connect securely to your site, create a news page with regular updates on specific issues, add plugins, automate tasks, and even analyze media trends.

News aggregator, manager, envoy

NewsVoy is a news-based Content Management System (CMS) that feeds your site's news page. NewsVoy lets you harness the power of APIs: choose from dozens of robust search engines to find articles, videos and podcasts, curate content, and post directly to your site.

Data tracking, analysis, and AI

Take a deep dive into your news data. Visualize your usage, media coverage of events, and shifts in public perception using NewsVoy's sentiment analysis AI plugins.

Reach your audience

Work with organization and community partners through seamless integration with their site and social media. Allow organization partners to repost your content directly to their sites, add social media handles, and tag the most relevant partners when you share a news item.

Works with your other tools

NewsVoy integrates with popular site platforms WordPress and NationBuilder. News content can be relayed across a network of sites that includes a mix of both platforms.

Easy migration between platforms

Should your organization ever migrate from NationBuilder to WordPress and back, NewsVoy can be posting to your new platform without missing a (news) beat.

Expandable with plugins

NewsVoy offers dozens of powerful plugins, including article, podcast, and video search engines, content extractors, URL shorteners, and sentiment analysis AI.

Top questions about NewsVoy

What's different about the paid version of NewsVoy?

Paid users can post to a website, relay post content, export news data, and access tech support. See a comparison of features.

What plugins are available?

Plugins are added by API (Application Programming Interface) from a wide variety of 3rd-party providers, including Bing, YouTube, and many others. See a list of available plugins.

Can I post to multiple websites?

Yes. Content can be batch-posted to multiple sites at once with the use of relays. See a list of available post content.

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